Raidho Acoustics XT-1 (Black Piano)

Raidho Acoustics’ speaker, the X-1T, is a elegant and compact size stand-mount mini monitor.
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
177.230.000 VND
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The Raidho X and X-T series of loudspeakers are all built around the same Raidho X-driver that has a very compact and magnetically rigid neodymium magnet motor system. The X and X-T drivers both share an extremely rigid ceramic cone manufactured in a Pio plasma process over 80 hours where a ceramic composition layer is formed in liquid thru a high current/voltage process. The resulting membrane is a sandwich where two extremely stiff ceramic skin layers encapsulates a much softer aluminum core. This sandwich construction has two great benefits for audio reproduction, 1. the cone is very stiff, and 2. It has very very good damping properties. The X driver is truly state of the art in this respect, where the cone works pistonic up to more than 10 KHz and where the first order resonance is a peak of less than 6dB. This makes for a drivers with a membrane that is extremely “quiet” in its working range from the deepest bass and until it is rolled off at app 3Khz...

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