McIntosh SACD/CD Transport MCT450

SACD/CD Transport
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+ Get the most from your CDs with the MCT450 SACD/CD Transport. The MCT450 can be paired with any McIntosh product that contains digital inputs. This includes select home theater processors, integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers. Digital balanced, coaxial, optical and MCT outputs are available, giving you flexibility in connecting the MCT450 to the rest of your system. For SACDs, the unique MCT output connects to select McIntosh models with a MCT input - such as the D1100, C52​, C2600​, C47​ or D150​ preamps - to deliver the purest possible sound quality. 
+ The D150 and MCT450 "just ran happily and unobtrusively, doing what they were asked, and doing it to the highest possible audible standards... They bring together the very highest levels of high fidelity performance, and reliable, feature-laden delivery. This is truly impressive gear." - Audio Esoterica 
+ The D150 and MCT450 combo plays “perfectly and in the right way... the dynamics of these two McIntosh seems to have no comparison!” - 
+ For price, performance and overall rating, the D150 and MCT450 were awarded the Uber level with 97 points out of 100. - Stereoplay 
+ All common disc types are compatible with the MCT450, including SACD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW (MP3 and WMA). A twin laser optical pickup assures optimal disc reading while 2x read speed provides better reading of damaged CDs and CD-R/RWs. Your discs are carefully handled by a premium aluminum die cast CD tray. Power control and data ports simplify the MCT450's operational state from other McIntosh system components. The entire unit is housed in a classic McIntosh styled, polished stainless steel chassis with a black glass front panel and brushed aluminum end caps. 
+ After using the D150 and MCT450, McIntosh "digital products are as excellent as their amplifiers, the quality is stable and fabulous as usual and also able to integrate with the Hi-Res audio trend. McIntosh products are equipped with various functions, making them flexible. " - Audio Technique

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