JVC 3D Projectors DLA-X700R (4K)

The JVC DLA-X700R Sets New Standards with 4K e-shift3
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129.000.000 VND
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+ The DLA-X700R combines JVC's exclusive 4K e-shift3 technology which accepts Native 4K 60P through the 4K enabled HDMI inputs and a class leading 120000:1 Native Contrast Ratio to produce images that pop off the screen.

Like all JVC Procision Projectors, the DLA-X700R uses three DILA devices to produce a stable image with no flicker. In addition, the DLA-X700R is certified by THX and licensed by ISF, and has met or exceeded all of their high standards. For 2014, JVC added an Intelligent Lens Aperture which results in a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 1200000:1.

+ The Native 4K sources provide a significant boost in picture quality. From the original 4K data JVC creates an A frame and a B frame. There is no interpolation. Through a proprietary process, the correct pixels are selected for each frame. The projector works at double the conventional speed. Then, the 4K e-shift3 mechanism takes each B frame and shifts it down and over ½ a pixel. This creates four 4K sub-pixels in the space of one conventional HD pixel. The viewers’ eyes and brain combine the A frame and B frame to create the projected 4K e-shift3 image which is seen on the screen.

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