Dynaudio Focus 200 XD (Walnut)

The Focus 200 XD, the smallest model in the XD range, is the new reference for the next generation of high-end compact loudspeakers.
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Tặng bộ Dynaudio Xeo Connect( Liên hệ để có giá tốt nhất )
143.400.000 VND
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+ Each Focus 200 XD incorporates a 300 watt digital amplifier, perfectly optimized to the high-performance woofer and tweeter, allowing them to reproduce sound at the finest level possible.

+ One will be amazed at the sheer volume, depth and power that this little loudspeaker can put out.

+ Crafting benchmark-setting high-end compact loudspeakers has become a tradition at Dynaudio; with their exceptionally dynamic, balanced, and bold sound, the Focus 200 XD will set a new, higher standard.

+ The latest chapter in this story is digital, active, and high-resolution. And with the Focus XD model range offering the option of wireless connectivity, uncompromised high-end sound quality has never been more convenient.

+ The Speaker Position EQ control of the Dynaudio Focus XD models allows their bass performance to be optimized relative to placement, be it positioned near a wall boundary, in a corner, or free-standing, allowing the speakers to be perfectly integrated into any room.

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