B&W 705 S2 (Satin White)

This uncompromising two-way speaker reveals subtle nuances in music others miss. Its high performance features include a solid body tweeter-on-top design borrowed from the 800 Series Diamond.
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
69.300.000 VND
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Solid Body tweeter 
Milled from a solid block of aluminium, the solid body tweeter housing design creates an acoustically optimised housing for the tweeter – one that’s exceptionally inert and resistant to resonances. 

Carbon Dome tweeter 
Carbon Dome tweeters are a brand new technology purpose-built for the 700 Series. Delivering a dramatic improvement on the aluminium double-dome tweeter, they raise the breakup threshold to 47kHz, for pinpoint imaging accuracy and detail. 

Continuum cone 
First introduced with the 800 Series Diamond, the Continuum™ cone represents the biggest step-change in midrange performance since Kevlar®. Its woven, coated material provides highly controlled break-up, resulting in a more open, neutral midrange.

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