Burmester Pre-amplifier 077

The 077 is just one of a number of Burmester preamplifiers that have received international awards.
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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852.900.000 VND
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+ Special edition preamplifier celebrating Burmester’s 30th anniversary (The preamplifier 777 was Burmester’s first product in 1977)
+ Dual-mono design for maximum channel separation
+ Completely DC-coupled without capacitors in the signal path
+ Burmester X-Amp2 amplification stages
+ Volume is set using a newly developed volume control circuit board (Burmester: 60 steps / dB: 85 steps)
+ Six balanced inputs plus one optional modular input
+ Seamless integration into home theatre systems using the Surround Thruput terminal
+ Input sensitivity adjustable by +/- 6dB for each input individually
+ Custom labelling of programmable inputs
+ Two balanced outputs for two-zone applications: MAIN-Outputs equipped with X-Amp2 modules; RECORD-Output with high-performance operational amplifier
+ Combined RECORD and 2nd zone output for two-zone applications
+ Global setup for individual settings
+ Separate setup for each zone individually
+ Phase inversion for each input and every zone
+ 2 headphone outputs with individual source selection (zone-dependent)
+ Separate balance control for each zone
+ Module slot for: Line input module –unbalanced (standard); Phono MM module; Phono MC module; DA converter module (upsampling technology of the 069)
+ Selectable automatic calibration for phono
+ Phono MM module with programmable input capacitance
+ Phono MC module with programmable loads
+ DAC module with upsampling choice of 96kHz or 192kHz
+ Latest CMOS technology for switching of inputs
+ Latest CPU technology (ensures capability for future upgrades of controlling)
+ Mirrored display
+ Display brightness programmable in 4 levels
+ Remote control by other components (master/slave) via DC in/out connection
+ Burmester Link for external control via RS232 and USB
+ Full remote control

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