Burmester D/A Converter 113

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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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76.400.000 VND
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+ Upsampling of all digital audio signals switchable between 48kHz/24 bit, 96kHz/24 bit and 192kHz/24 bit

+ Phase reversal of 180° available at output

+ Bluetooth® SBC & aptX® codecs

+ USB input to allow connection of a computer:

    -Class 1 audio with up to 96kHz/24 bit

    -Class 2 audio with up to 192kHz/24 bit

+ Trusted Burmester reference converter technology with balanced conversion

+ Fully DC-coupled signal path with no coupling capacitors in the way of the signal, for precise bass reproduction with no phase shift in the audible spectrum

+ “Green“ power supply with a very low, environmentally-friendly power consumption of less than 1W in standby mode

+ Galvanic isolation between the analogue and digital sections

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