Đầu Ayre Acoustics CD Player CX-7

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+ Multi-Stage Digital Filter: Sophisticated multi-stage digital filter system. First filter "upsamples" to 176.4kHz at 24 bits. Second filter "oversamples" to 1.4112MHz at 24 bits.

+ Dual Selectable Digital Filter Algorithms: User selectable choice of time-optimized or frequency-optimized filter algorithms.

+ Segmented Architecture DAC: Upper 6 bits are converted with a PCM architecture. Lower 18 bits are converted with a 5-level Sigma-Delta architecture operating at 11.2896MHz.

+ Differential Current-Output DAC: Sophisticated DAC allows use of dedicated differential zero-feedback current-to-voltage converters.

+ Zero-Feedback Analog Circuitry: Hallmark of Ayre designs said to ensure correct time-domain performance.

+ DC-Coupled Analog Circuitry: DC-coupled analog circuitry with no servos ensures perfect group-delay response at the lowest audio frequencies.

+ Balanced Audio Outputs: True differential balanced circuitry maximizes sonic performance. Single-ended outputs also included for legacy equipment.

+ Digital Audio Output: AES/EBU balanced digital output features transformer coupling for total ground isolation.

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